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mini course

What is this delight-filled universe into which we find ourselves born?
What is this mysterious awareness shimmering everywhere within it?

-- The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche


Hello curious mover,

Have you ever had the feeling there is more to the concrete world than your eyes can see? Have you ever had the feeling that there is something intangible that underlies and connects everything?

If I could give you one principle - only one - that could change the way you look at yourself and the world, it would be this, I like to call it: the idea of a universal body.

As a child I always thought that even stones had feelings and I was fascinated by the stars and the moon. Yet as I grew up and became an adult, something felt off in this world: people often seemed self-centered, estranged of nature, of each other and even of themselves. The world seemed like a rather harsh, greedy and competitive place. Until... I discovered tantra and the world of non-dual thought. It gave me a framework of how to look at the world and its seemingly seperatedness.

This course is a comprehensible introduction to the profound philosophy of tantra and non-dual thought. Different than what most people associate with tantra, in its origin it has nothing to do with sexual practices. The tantrikas wished to strive for enlightenment within daily life! Tantra actually recognizes we are human beings living this human life and we can still strive for something more without having to be ascetic and renounce the life that we know. Isn't that wonderful?

What will this course bring you?

  • a deep sense of the interconnectedness of the bigger whole

  • a sense of understanding and compassion

  • a radically fresh way (and the basics of a framework) to look at the world and its how and why

  • an intense experience of the beauty in every detail of your surroundings

  • through movement and breath acquire a felt sense of all of this in your being, so that it really becomes a part of who you are, also in your daily life


  • you will get immediate access to:

    • introductory video lecture to the philosophy of non-dual thought (18 min.)

    • vinyasa based asana & movement class (60min.)

    • two audio meditations​ (11 & 16 min.)

  • listen, watch, practice whenever & wherever it suits you

  • yours forever

  • English spoken

  • price of this course: 25€

What others say about the course:


Lies' approach brings me what I search for in yoga, and even more so in life. Past the fysical aspect of the practice it brings me through conscious movement of my body and connection with my breath in deep connection with the bigger whole. My body as a holy temple to experience everything around and to intensly become part of it. A blissful feeling that I like to take along in how I stand in life. In deep respect of all that is.

This course supports me te become more the observer. That's how I learn to look at everything around me, including myself, as an expression of what connects us. It is what is is. In these moments labels as good and bad loose their meaning.

-- Mieke


This 'Universal Body Mini Course' radically shifts your way of looking at the world. Be prepared for a rollercoaster of new inner experiences, a fresh attitude in perceiving the world we live in, a complete shift to bliss and a far-reaching look to the universe we are part of with a brand new immaculate perspective.

This subject might be seen as ‘difficult matter’ by some, but I think that everyone who will see this, will also be able to understand. Lies explains this in an amazingly clear and simple way.

-- Sofie

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