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Come home to yourself.

Come home to like minded souls.

Come home to the bigger whole that we are part of.

Come home to a movement language.


Coming home.

This is what I wish this specially curated day retreat to feel like.

This is a retreat for all of you who know me (for (many years) on the mat.

This is a retreat for anyone who feels the pull with no prior knowledge to my teaching.

I'm returning to the Baarbeekhoeve, which after six retreats, also feels a bit like a home.

It is a spot next to the nature reserve of the Dijle valley, away from all bustle.


xo Lies


Start the day moving actively, then allow yourself to slow down.
Or if you're more of a yinster, just join a little later.


Slide your feet under the table
for a lunch
straight from the farm's fields.


Catch up with other yogi's.
Meet like minded souls,
Have some
alone time.

Fotofolies x Lies Mahy-139.jpg

Finish the day with a soothing mantra session.
Join in or settle on the floor and just listen.

Schedule (exempt of changes):

  • 9.45 - 11.00h: vinyasa based movement session

  • 11.15 - 12.30h: yin & journaling session

  • 12.30 - 14.00h: lunch break

  • 14.00 - 15.30h: walk or talk

  • 15.30 - 16.30h: mantra & closing circle

No fuss, straightforward so you can feel at ease.


De Baarbeekhoeve is a historic farm from 1800 on the border of the nature reserve of the Dijle valley, near Mechelen. The farm has been converted and renovated with respect for the old character and with use of natural and ecological materials. The fertile grounds surrounding the farm are used to grow vegetables and fruit, that are sold, straight from the field, in the farm shop. The old barn got transformed into a space for workshops, courses and meetings.



  • Sunday March 3rd 9.45h - 16.30h

  • includes vegetarian lunch straight from the farm's fields (soup, quiche, wraps, veggies, ...)

  • includes water, tea, coffee whole day

  • language: Dutch and/or English​

  • price*:

    • 140,00€/whole day

    • 125,00€/yinster (welcome from 11.00h) - LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE


Is this retreat for me?

Have you practiced with me before and would you love to reconnect?

Have you never practiced with me before but do you feel curious?

Are open to enrich your yoga practice with different elements like meditation, journaling and free movement?

Do you see your practice as an avenue of exploration and self-discovery?

Do you love dynamic movement but also silence and tranquility?

Are you a curious mover?

Welcome, you're in the right place!



What others say:



Lies, to me you are the MAX.


Your way of teaching to me is the absolute nicest. Your movements flow into each other and give me a feeling of dance, your choice of music combined with (your) poetry and your singing is mad.


The day flew by! I want mooooooore!

-- Babs

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