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Slowfulness & wonderment

Remember to look up at the stars
and not down at your feet.

Try to make sense of what you see
and wonder about what makes the universe exist.
​Be curious.

-- Stephen Hawking

Dear visitor,

I believe you have come to this website because we must have something in common. 

We live in this full and fast-paced world, where everything we want seems at hand, yet we seem to have lost touch with ourselves, others and nature itself. I have a deep desire to (re)connect to and appreciate the wonders of life, to understand that we are part of this intricate matrix of life, this planet and the universe.

The other thing we have in common is that we have a body :) If we know we have grown and evolved as a part of this universe, we can grow to understand our body can be a ground of exploration and wonder. I believe too often we forget or even deny the innate intelligence of our amazing, moving bodies.

That is why I teach yoga.

For me yoga is an amazing way to, through movement and philosophy, explore and discover, learn more about ourselves and the world, hopefully find meaning in life itself - even though we might never fully understand - and so become more understanding and compassionate. For me yoga unites the very defined matter of our bodies themselves with the seeking for answers for the fundamental questions of life that we all share, called philosophy. Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? And how can we live best to our full potential?

My hope is that you will join me somewhere on this journey!


the universe took its time on you
crafted you precisely
so you could offer the world
something distinct from everyone else
so when you doubt
how you were created
you doubt an energy greater than us both

-- Rupi Kaur

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