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Wonder is the beginning of wisdom

-- Socrates

Already as a young child something drew me to philosophic wonderings. At the age of two I told my parents I wanted to marry the moon and I felt that all objects, even stones, had the capacity to feel.

I was a romantic soul, so no wonder I got drawn to ballet, where my
love for movement began. From the age of seven, I started dancing, which quickly turned into more than just a hobby. In 2004 I graduated as a ‘Bachelor of Dance’ from the highly renowned Codarts academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was there I had my first experience with yoga: as a dancer – and a sensitive being – I had a hard time with the harsh competitive dance world, where nothing is ever good enough (sounds familiar?). In yoga class I found a place where I was more at peace with what I was doing and myself.

After 10 years of a professional dance career, I felt drawn to know more about yoga. In 2014 I decided to take a yoga teacher training in Santorini, Greece, with
Drishti Yoga Teacher Training. Little I knew, this was the start of a journey that brought me where I am now, a full time yoga teacher. Currently I find great inspiration in the unique style of the school of Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, Embodied Flow™.

For me yoga is not a physical practice in the first place. That might seem weird, because what you see is physical of course. For me, yoga is about embodying certain ideas and aspects of life and about
untangling the threads of you, the world and life itself. Therefore I use yoga to investigate, explore, embody, to really make those things part of your whole being. 
I truly believe in an embodied approach, influenced by the non-dualistic philosophy of tantra, where the body and all experiences you have on this earth are actually a doorway to the core of your being.
The result is that I will offer you a safe space with lots of freedom and the permission to work within the ranges of your possibilities. I love to both work within the structured frame of familiar asanas and at the same time encourage you to venture outside of the safe space of the known, even off your mat. Because it is when you truly learn to take ownership and not only be guided by what you are told to do, that you discover what is true to you. I love the dynamic flow of vinyasa and the sinking into stillness of a yin class.

In my search to align closer to what feels true, I recently moved away from the city and closer to nature. This meant an end to my studio classes after more than seven years of teaching in places like AntwerpYoga (where I remain a part of the teacher training team) and Studio Pili. Currently I don't offer weekly classes, but a new chapter is being written and new offerings, both in physical space and online, are on their way!





  • 100h TT Advanced modules/Expression, Embodied Flow™, Ubud, Bali


  • Advanced module Mantra singing, Marc Citroen, Het Ontdekkingshuis, Brugge, Belgium

  • 50h TT Yin & Storytelling, Biff Mithoefer, Agios Nikoloas, Greece

  • 100h TT Advanced modules/Mind, Embodied Flow™, Ubud, Bali


  • 100h TT Advanced modules/Body, Embodied Flow™, Ubud, Bali

2016 - 17:

  • Year training Mantra singing, Marc Citroen, Het Ontdekkingshuis, Brugge, Belgium


  • 100h TT Prenatal & Advanced Vinyasa, Drishti Yoga Teacher Training, Columbeira, Portugal

  • 14h Restorative Yoga, Lizzie Lasater, YogaMoves, Utrecht, the Netherlands


  • 50h TT Yin Yoga & Anatomy, YogaGarden, Ghent, Belgium


  • 200h TT Vinyasa, Drishti Yoga Teacher Training, Santorini, Greece

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