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Lies’ classes fully take me inward and teach me how to move to my own rhythm, in my own way. Because of her approach I make a journey into my body, deeply connected with everything around. A blissful flow during vinyasa class and a deep encounter during yin class. After practice I always feel very present and calm. Grounded and part of the bigger whole.

-- Mieke, Mechelen

Lies has spirit and at the same time brings across a kind of calmness. That combination I like a lot. I don’t like ‘mellow’ yoga, but this spicy yet gentle version is a real Lies-mixture. You could almost say that with her we soften body and mind in an active, spicy, intense manner.

She breathes yoga and also passes along the yoga philosophy. Yoga is about searching and finding some sort of balance and as she says, that reaches beyond our mat.

-- Evi, Mechelen


My biggest challenge is to let go, to find peace of mind and to become more aware of my thoughts. I see Lies’ classes as a form of meditation. Her classes are dynamic and physically challenging and at the same time very relaxing. Lies’ play list follows the intensity of the class. The music supports me and stimulates me to go deeper. The songs are very well chosen!

I notice I have and radiate more energy. I feel physically stronger, which gives me more self-confidence. I’m open to things where I didn’t use to be before.

​-- Helena, Mechelen

Since I practice yoga with Lies, step by step I'm living more consciously and this gives me the little push I need sometimes to really take some steps like starting a new education. So I am very grateful to you for that!

-- ​Joyce, Boechout


Bliss. Coming home. Surrender.

On the one hand there's always that blissful flow that takes you on a journey full of discoveries about your body and mind. On the other hand Lies offers much more than only movement: the principles she offers in class help both on a physical level - a satisfying yoga practice - as on a mental level, they encourage te reflect. I appreciate this enormously. It really sets things in motion and positively influences my process of life.

-- Mieke, online

For me Lies' classes mean a moment of enjoyment, of being, with a capital B. Her explanation gives support and her questions and reflections always offer me a chance for contemplation, a guide to contemplation, which deepens my yoga practice and makes it consist of different layers. I love to philosophize together with her during her classes and meditations and long after class.

Lies obviously has a lot of experience in all areas where a yogini needs to have expertise. Her classes are accessible for everyone. She lets you discover the utnmost possibilities of your body, always respecting your limitations and energy levels at that specific moment. Without forcing, without pressure, without obligation. Simply with a lot of attention, a pinch of humor and a lot of love.

-- Sofie, online


Always grateful, but tonight your class brought me that little extra... forgiveness, strength, courage, emotions...

But most of all, that tranquility, that sometimes is oh so hard to find, even if it is always somewhere in you, and than you bring it out oh so easily...

-- Vanes, online

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