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a yin companion

When we feel truly safe, lovingly supported and deeply rested,
we discover our power to create a more peaceful world
for ourselves, our families, our communities and our earth,
one gentle, loving action at a time.

-- Nicola Jane Hobbs


Dear seeker of peace,

I'm delighted you found your way to this page! It means something resonates.


In a world where we are so so so conditioned to keep going, to be productive all the time/that praises busy-ness and productive overkill, slowing down might feel odd, unsafe maybe. Our nervous systems have been contioned over the course of years to keep going, to rush, to be stressed, to worry about the future, to chase succes, to measure our worth by our productivity, to feel like a failure. This what our nervous systems have come to perceive as our normal state. But guess what, what we think is normal, isn't per se healthy for us.

If you find yourself restless and struggling to slow down, that only means your nervous system isn''t used to that. Our nervous systems like habits: habits are easy, habits ask less energy. Change asks energy and our nervous systems are wired to be energy efficient. In other words: we have to relearn our nervous system a new habit and that takes practice, and time.


And that is precisely why I've created REST IS A PRACTICE..


REST IS A PRACTICE is a three week course consisting of three poetic yin classes, supportive audios and journaling prompts. We will reflect on and embody the ideas of trust, patience and courage. Trust that it is ok and safe to slow down. Patience to move in harmony with what life is presenting to us. Courage to listen to what wants to be heard, seen or felt. On top of that you will receive a beautifully hand stitched journal at home to support you on your journey!






Why three weeks?
New habits take time. I want to give you a true shot at creating sustainable change and three weeks or 21 days is about the minimum it takes to do that.

Why journaling?

Did you know that handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation? Sequential hand movements, like those of handwriting, activate large regions of the brain responsible for e.a. thinking, language and healing. Handwriting sharpens the brain and helps us learn. Mindful writing rests the brain, potentially sparking creativity, And last but not least: handwriting forces us to slow down and enjoy the moment — a rarity in today’s world where immediacy reigns.


Why yin?

Ah yin. Yin is the ideal invitation to slow down, to invite space and softness. To become aware of and listen to the stories our bodies carry. Over the course of years practicing and teaching yin yoga, I've noticed how something so seamingly simple can be such a challenge to many. The magic happens in the slowing down!

What might this course bring you:

  • the trust that it is ok & safe to slow down

  • a reset for your nervous system

  • the beginning of an overall deep state of rest

  • the courage to make decisions that support a sustainable and happier life for you and eventually to somethings larger than ourselves


  • you will get immediate access to:

    • introduction video

    • three 60min. poetic yin classes

    • three audios of the classes so you can practice again without screen

    • links of the playlists of each class

    • ... audios with ruminations

    • audios with journaling prompts

  • you will receive a beautifully hand stitched journal printed on recycled paper

  • listen, watch, practice whenever and wherever it suits you

  • yours forever

  • Dutch spoken

  • price of this course: 65,00€

What others say about the course:


Lies' approach brings me what I search for in yoga, and even more so in life. Past the fysical aspect of the practice it brings me through conscious movement of my body and connection with my breath in deep connection with the bigger whole. My body as a holy temple to experience everything around and to intensly become part of it. A blissful feeling that I like to take along in how I stand in life. In deep respect of all that is.

This course supports me te become more the observer. That's how I learn to look at everything around me, including myself, as an expression of what connects us. It is what is is. In these moments labels as good and bad loose their meaning.

-- Mieke


This 'Universal Body Mini Course' radically shifts your way of looking at the world. Be prepared for a rollercoaster of new inner experiences, a fresh attitude in perceiving the world we live in, a complete shift to bliss and a far-reaching look to the universe we are part of with a brand new immaculate perspective.

This subject might be seen as ‘difficult matter’ by some, but I think that everyone who will see this, will also be able to understand. Lies explains this in an amazingly clear and simple way.

-- Sofie

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