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a workshop for teachers

Are you a yoga teacher and


  • do you want to take your classes and your students to the next level?

  • do you want to learn how to create classes that resonate further than the yoga mat?

  • do you want to learn how to really convey a theme and have your students embody it?

  • are you curious about how different elements like free movement, storytelling, philosophy or journaling can enhance your classes?

Then I have created a little gem for you!

DESIGNING MEANINGFUL CLASSES is an inspiring afternoon in which I will share some really valuable tools that will unlock your teaching. (Seriously, I can’t imagine teaching anymore without these!) It is more than just a sequencing workshop. You will learn how to make your classes feel like an engaging story that takes your students onto a journey inward and that will stay with them long after they left the mat,


" Lies is a very inspiring teacher.

The playfulness, gentleness and depth of her classes

always resonate for a long time.

The workshop allowed me to grow in a new way

in creating my own classes.

Highly recommended for every teacher

who likes to be inspired

and wants to further evolve their teaching."

What to expect

  • ​a 1,5-hour (flow based) masterclass so you can experience this way of facilitating first hand

  • a 2-hour lab in which we will dive into these teaching tools, using the masterclass as a reference

  • a 1,5-hour lab in which you will design and teach your own sample class + get feedback

  • a concise hand out to take home

  • language spoken: English and/or Dutch

We will look at

  • somatic cueing: a way of cueing that sparks curiosity and emphasises your students internal physical perception and experience

  • how to design your class with ‘chapters’ so your class becomes and engaging story

  • three indispensable core principles that precede even the making of your class and will transform your own and your students experience

  • how to play with different elements like philosophy, journaling, free movement or storytelling

" Thanks for this enriching and inspiring afternoon Lies!

Not only I enjoyed it at the moment itself,

I developed and integrated the exercises we did

and what an instant effect!

After class several students came to thank me for the great session.

Since then I have built each class from this vision."

About Lies

Over the nine years of facilitating yoga classes – and another ten years before that as a movement teacher – Lies has developed a unique teaching style in which she weaves her poetic language with various elements depending on the context of the class. Mainly her students describe her classes as a journey that takes them deeply inward and into an experience.

Lies will offer a safe space with lots of freedom and the permission to work within the ranges of ones possibilities. She loves to work both within the structured frame of familiar asanas and at the same time encourage to venture outside of the safe space of the known, even off the mat.


Fotofolies x Lies Mahy-217.jpg

For Lies, yoga is an amazing way to, through movement and philosophy, invite slowfulness and wonderment, learn more about ourselves and the world, hopefully find meaning in life itself - even though we might never fully understand. For Lies yoga unites the very defined matter of our bodies themselves with the seeking for answers for the fundamental questions of life that we all share.

Lies is a full time certified yoga teacher (E-RYT500 & YACEP) and has taught in well-known studios like AntwerpYoga – where she still is part of the teacher training team - and Studio Pili. You can read more about where she trained here

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