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The climbing rose spent all winter

in silent meditation;

nurturing the belief

that the sky is the limit.

-- Morgan Harper Nichols

We think it is only nomal there is a season where nature draws its energy inwards to restore and replenish. Animals hibernate to survive the harsh cold months. The soil of pastures needs to rest, otherwise it gets depleted. Yet as humans we find it so hard to allow ourselves time to rest. Though it is exactly during this period of deep rest when nothing seems to be happening on the surface, that the potential for growth is stored.

In this 1,5h live online session, this is exactly what we will do. Take time to reflect on what this means for you: as human you are part of nature and often go through the same processes. Even though in todays society business is still seen a status symbol, we too need periods of withdrawal, whether that is during a day, a creative process, or a whole life time. How can you allow yourself to really be in these moments where nothing seems to move on the outside? Through gentle long held postures, silence and journaling in this extra long session we will create space unrush, encouraged by soothing poetry.

Are you not able to join live? No worries! A recording of this session will be available for one week.


  • Thursday February 8th 19.30 - 21.00h (CEST)

  • it's for FREE!

  • class in Dutch and/or English

  • ​recording availabe for one week

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