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Body & Mind trilogies - masterclasses for curious yogis



With our mind we can study the various parts of our body, like a map. But just looking at that map won’t tell us a whole lot about the experience of really being in those places. Something similar happens when we soften our ever-grasping minds and let ourselves travel into the felt sense of different, maybe unfamiliar parts of our body. And remarkably as we become more attuned to whole territory of our body, it offers us a lot of insight about our relationship to the bigger whole.

The body trilogy consists of:

1. SPINE – a story of evolution

2. SKIN – the boundary of you (or not)

3. CELLS – the microcosm is the macrocosm

What can the origin of our spine tell us about our relation to other life forms and how can it offer us more freedom in our body-mind? What does the permeable boundary of our skin tells us about our perception of separateness? And how can awareness of the smallest building blocks of our organism, our cells, actually make us feel more connected to the bigger whole that we are part of?

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The tantrikas believed enlightenment should be at reach for everyone. Therefore tantra is a very accessible philosophy: it recognizes we are human beings living this human life and we can still strive for something more without having to be ascetic and renounce the life that we know. Tantra invites us to look at ourselves and everything around us as one. We will dive deeper into this way of looking at the world to understand better how to live to our full potential.

The mind trilogy consists of:

1. ORIGIN – from formlessness to form

2. EMBODIMENT – about Shiva and our humanness

3. UNBOUND – your infinite potential


The origin of this universe is an endless formless field which chose to express itself as a myriad different forms. As humans we are just one of those forms, endowed with self-consciousness, the capacity to reflect on ourselves and the world around us. Our embodiment gives us the chance to experience the wonder of this unique opportunity we happen to be given! But being human also means we are bound to forget that we are not separate. This is the dance of contraction and expansion, the innate rhythm of life, that Shiva represents. In contraction we think we are not enough, in expansion we get glimpses of the infinite potential we are all given. Yoga ultimately invites us to break through the constructs that keep us small and to yoke to that unbound ground we originated from.


Yogi’s who

  • see their practice as an avenue of exploration and self-discovery

  • are curious movers

  • are open to enrich their yoga practice with different elements like meditation, journaling, free movement and philosophy

Each of the sessions will contain more or less of these elements:

  • vinyasa influenced asana practice

  • free movement

  • journaling

  • meditation

  • talks/philosophy/storytelling

About Lies

Lies is a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT500 & YACEP) and has been teaching full time since 2015 in well-known studios like AntwerpYoga – where she still is an affiliate teacher and part of the teacher training team - and Studio Pili. You can read more about where she trained here
Lies has a unique teaching style and will offer you a safe space with lots of freedom and the permission to work within the ranges of your possibilities. She loves to work both within the structured frame of familiar asanas and at the same time encourage you to venture outside of the safe space of the known, even off your mat.

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For Lies, yoga is about embodying certain ideas and aspects of life and about untangling the threads of you, the world and life itself. Therefore she uses yoga to, through movement and philosophy, invite slowfulness and wonderment, learn more about ourselves and the world, hopefully find meaning in life itself - even though we might never fully understand. For Lies yoga unites the very defined matter of our bodies themselves with the seeking for answers for the fundamental questions of life that we all share. Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? And how can we live best to our full potential?

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