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Hello beautiful human,

The world is a harsh place sometimes, where we are asked to live up to ever increasing standards. The uncurbed urge of people to better and grow seems to have derailed. When is it ever enough?

In the yin & yang symbol, the yang stands for everything that's moving and active, and the yin stands for everything that's still and passive. Life innates urge to grow and move needs to be balanced with time for recovery and integration. Of course taking some time to rest or relax once in a while is good, but often, as daily life calls us again, we so easily loose that feeling again. In this course I want to invite you to take it a step further: how can we really integrate that feeling of softness into our being so that it becomes a fundament?

letting go


essential ground

yielding/true softness

What will this course bring you?

  • integration of genuine gentleness towards yourself and the world in your life and being

  • investigating where your own standards and boundaries are


  • (3) live online sessions spread over the course of (6) weeks, each session will consist of

    • an extra long yin yoga class​

    • journalling

  • extra audios to inspire & guide you to continue to integrate the feeling of real softness into your life next to the mat

  • access to the recordings/audio's for (one year)

  • price: 95€

>> location: Baarbeekhoeve?

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