Nothing can match the wonderment that comes from staring up into the star-filled canopy above
and realising that you are a part of that creation.

-- Tim Ferriss


Welcome curious being!

Do you recognize this? The feeling of being dulled out by the rut and rush of daily life? Things seem to have lost their shine and interest? Your head seems to be full and the connection to your body faint?

With this series I want to invite you to look at yourself and world through the lens of curiosity and to infuse your days with the spark of wonderment. With some simple inspirations and a short movement practice you'll open up your mind and clear the sky.

What will this infusion bring you?

  • You will feel more connected to the bigger whole.

  • You will feel more in tune with the intelligence of your own body and so your intuition.

  • You will have a felt sense of it in your body and being so that it really becomes a part of who you are.

  • And maybe even most of all: to look at the world through the lens of wonder and curiosity is to be open for the endless possibilities.


  • starting immediately & spread over the course of 4 days, you will receive

    • 3 hand designed illustrations & inspirations

    • 1 short movement practice video 

  • forever​ yours

  • to follow whenever it suits you

  • it's for free!

What others say:


To move more consciously with more awareness for my body, even besides yoga. I liked that the first inspirational texts were really about daily movement and not particularly about your practice.

-- Laurie


And yes, it's beautiful to reflect each day on the luck we have to be here and now. On a planet that can provide us everything and for which we must take the utmost care.

-- Isabelle


Thank you for this nice initiation... It's very clear what  your focus is, very nice short messages with lots of content. 

-- Judith


Take nothing for granted and cherish every little thing you encounter.

-- Sofie


You make contact and focus my gaze.

-- Jan