I'm so excited to take you on an afternoon filled with yoga, movement, immersion & relaxation on a spot next to the nature reserve of the Dijle valley, away from all bustle.


In order for there to be flow, we need the ebb to exist as well. There is no high tide without low tide. There is no day without night. Nor is there a heartbeat or a breath – and thus life - without the expansion and contraction of our heart or lungs. The art lies in knowing that these ‘contractions’ are inevitably part of life and how to hold space for them while we await the next expansion.


My goal is always to use elements of yoga, free movement, meditation, journaling and a hint of philosophy to explore these ideas in our bodies, so you integrate everything into your whole being and it really can become part of who you are.


Who is this for:​

  • for curious movers

  • if you're open to enrich your yoga practice with different elements like meditation and free movement exploration

  • for anyone who loves dynamic movement but also silence and tranquility


Schedule (exempt of changes):

  • 14.00 - 14.30h: opening circle & meditation

  • 14.30 - 16.15h: masterclass - vinyasa & free movement exploration

  • 16.15 - 16.55h: break

  • 16.55 - 18.00h: integration time - yin based relaxation & closing circle


  • Sunday August 22nd 14.00h - 18.00h

  • water, tea, coffee included

  • price: 45€*

De Baarbeekhoeve is a historic farm from 1800 on the border of the nature reserve of the Dijle valley, near Mechelen. The farm has been converted and renovated with respect for the old character and with use of natural and ecological materials. The fertile grounds surrounding the farm are used to grow vegetables and fruit, that are sold, straight from the field, in the farm shop. The old barn got transformed into a space for workshops, courses and meetings.

*Cancellation policy:

Your reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of the full payment.
Refunds are only possible up to 1 week before the class/course starts and minus administration costs. If you cancel later then 1 week before the start of the class/course:

  • either the full amount will be charged

  • or you can find someone else to take your place

When cancellation happens from the part of the organiser, a full refund will be provided.
For cancellation mail to hi@liesmahy.yoga

Mini retreat

45,00 €Price
Tax Included